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With over 15 years of corporate and nonprofit experience, we can help you reach your technical and editorial writing, strategic planning, fundraising, and evaluative design goals.



Strategy Design I

  • Problem Definition 
  • Logic Model & Theory of Change  
  • Customer Segment Scope
  • Market Research & Data Analysis 

Technical Writing

  • Grant & RFP Narrative Design 
  • Organization Pitch Deck 
  • Grant Writing 
  • Legislative Narrative Design

Strategy Design II

  • Program Design 
  • Fundraising Strategy & Portfolio Diversification 
  • Evaluative Survey Design

Editorial Writing

  • White Paper Copywriting 
  • Website Copywriting 
  • Periodical Literature 
Louisa Kasdon
Founder & CEO 
Let's Talk About Food

“Christine is one of the most organized, cheerful, knowledgeable and mission-oriented professionals I’ve ever worked with. If she says she can do something, she can. We could not have organized our webinar on the White House Conference without her steering our ship. She has many skills––writing, organizing, anticipating––but her ability to execute a vision is without parallel."

Jackie Millar 

Co-Founder & Director of Food Access Programs

Terra Cura, Inc.

“I met Christine Becker in the Summer of 2022 and have enjoyed working with her on honing my organization's long term funding priorities and programming goals. Christine is excellent at listening to what her client’s vision is. She is very effective at extracting the information needed to present a clear and concise picture regarding the organization's vision and future needs. It is apparent that she has a great deal of depth of knowledge and experience in this area.”

Terry Vandewater

Assistant Editor

edible Southeastern Massachusetts

"Christine attacks each project with such passion. Through her in-depth research and thoughtful interviews, a story blossoms into a visual wonderland. Christine's grasp of and attention to the nuances of a storyline makes for both an exciting and educational journey for our readers."
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